What is the influence of different lighting color for plants?

As we all know, lighting is important for plant's growth and development, which is influenced almost all growth stages of plants.
Only we understand the effects of different lighting colors for plants, we can do better for indoor planting.


UV 380 – 390nm: Guide the plant flowing, Inhibit leggy, Sterilization.

Blue Violet 400-410nm: Promote green leaf growth, deepen the color of plant flesh.

Blue 440 – 460nm: Promote root growth, green leaf growth, inhibit the role of leggy.

Green 515-535nm: Plants almost do not absorb, so less green light.

Yellow 585-595nm: Enhance the taste. Increase the nutritional content and trace elements.

Orange 600-610nm: Improve the quality of root and leaf and gloss, fruit taste.

Red 620-670nm: Low chlorophyll absorption rate, great effect photosynthesis and photoperiod .

Deep Red 730 840nm: Promote the growth of plant rhizomes and flowering results, increase yield.


White LEDs: full spectrum / broad – Kelvin provide filler for all missing spectra and add Lux.

Warm LEDs: provides energy, promotes plant photosynthesis.

2022-08-15 09:54
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