What We Can Do For The Global Warming, Energy Crisis And Inflation Problem

Heatwave: Ferocious European heat heads north

Cost-of-living payments branded insufficient as energy bills soar

'I'm borrowing £5,000 to pay my energy bills'


In those days, we got a lot of news like those. The global warming problem,  the energy crisis and the inflation problem, all make people’s life is more difficuty than before.

As the Led lighting factory, we would like to open more led lights market and also do something for you to help more people to save energy, save cost , doing something better to reduce the speed of global warming. So we try our best to improve our led lights quality, especially the light effect. Now We produce the 190lm/w UFO Led High bay Lights.


190lm/W UFO Led High Bay Light Main Spc

IES Test for 150W Ra>80, 5000K 90 degree

What This 190lm/w UFO Led High Bay to save energy and your cost?

  1. Using the same power such kind of UFO Led high bay lights, our 190lm/W could arrange less led high bay light to save your total power/energy, installation labor cost and shipping cost, to reduce your total cost
  2. If want to install the same number of the UFO led high bay lights, using our 190lm/w UFO led high bay, could choose much smaller power to save your total power/energy, and your shipping cost, to reduce your total cost

Lets check this sheet base on a small project:

We know that for your warehouse, workshop, exhibition hall, gymnasium and supermarkets, etc, installation the led lights are not so simple like this project. But no matter which kind of areas/applications, choosing our led high bay lights 190lm/w could help you reduce your cost.  On the other hand, we have the engineer that could help you do the Dialux to know how to replace/install your project.


Most of us are the regular people, we don’t have large ability to solve the global warming problem,  the energy crisis and the inflation problem. However, we could make the good choice to save your cost and energy cost,  which do something better for such problems.

How about your ideas?

2022-08-19 11:12
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