How to Choose HIgh Quality LED Grow Light To Make Your Plants Grow Better

As a grower, you need to know enough about the horticultural lighting words to choose the high quality Led grow lights to make your plant grow better.


PPF - photosynthetic photon flux, its units of measure is umol/s.

It refers to the photons emitted from a Led grow lamp at any given second. PPF is determined at the time the Led plant light is being designed and manufactured. PPF can only be measured in a special device called Integrated Sphere.

Like this pictures, shows our 600W Led Floding Grow Lights PPF test

PPFD - photosynthetic photon flux density, its units of measure is μmol/s/m2.  

It means that how much photons actually land on the canopy, with umol per second per square meter. PPFD can be measured by a sensor in the field and simulated by software. PPFD incorporates a lot of factors other than the Led grow Lamp, including the distance between the led grow lamp and the plants and surface reflectance.

Check as like this picture, one of our Led Grow lights its PPF is stationary after we produced. But the PPFD is not the same. The center s PPFD is more than the both sides PPFD. The more closed to the lamp, the more PPFD.

Therefore PPF can tells you how powerful the led grow lighting is. But high PPF Led Grow light dont means high quality led grow lights.  

For an example, our 600W Led Grow lights PPF could be 1685 umol/s,  others led grow light 720W or 800W is just 1685umol/s; while our price are similar, which one you would like to choose?

You possible choose the 600W items, to save the power, save energy. There are related to Efficiency. People often called PPE, its units of measure is umol/J.

In conclusion, PPE( umol/J) is the very very important element to evaluate the led grow light fixture you choose high quality enough or not.

To help your plants grow better, what we cannot forget is the quality of the light Spectrum. Spectrum is referring to the distribution of photons at different wavelengths. And it’s measured by nanometers(nm). Spectrum is important because plants are far more sensitive to the lights than humans. The way humans and plants interact with light is through a type of protein called Photoreceptors.

Humans have 5 Photoreceptors located on the retina. Plants have up to 13 photoreceptors depending on the variety. Humans have photoreceptors that respond to spectrum ranging between 400nm and 700nm. But plants can see a spectrum ranging from 280nm to 800nm.

Even thought most of plants use is known as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) and includes wavelengths from 400-700 nm. But it doesnt means that the plants only need the 400-700nm. The UV( 320-420nm) and Far-Red-light(700-750nm) are also very important for the plants too. ( The more details could check our other article What is the influence of different lighting color for plants?)

To help customer to study how to make the plants grow better, were making the new item which simulate sunlight, full Spectrum( with UV,White  Red,  IR ).

If you also would like to make your or your customers plants, like marijuana, fruits, vegetables grow better, kindly to contact with us. We not only can offer the items we produces to you, also could make the OEM items to suit for your requirments.

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